Documents Required To Get A Mortgage

Required mortgage documentsWhen applying for a mortgage it’s important to know you already have the necessary documents available to get approved.

Failing to have the required documents could slow down your mortgage application process and might even cause you to be rejected until you have them.

Below is the standard list of documents which the majority of mortgage lenders require from borrowers.

  • Photo ID (for each person applying)
  • Proof of Address
  • Proof of Income¬†(for each person applying)
  • Last Three Months Bank Statements
  • Third Party Details (solicitors, estate agents, etc)

The photo ID should be from an official source such as a passport or driving licence, which have been verified by government departments.

Proof of address should be dated within the past three months just to prove it’s still a recent/current address where you can be contacted. The address will also be used to run the credit search.

The proof of income should also be within the past 2-3 months as to show it’s still current and some lenders will ask for more than 1 wage slip or other proof.

While the list above may seem like it covers all documents, most people have something extra which isn’t included or considered standard.

Things like a savings account, additional forms of income or a pension account may require people to provide additional documents.

This is where a financial adviser can come handy because they can asses your circumstance and tell you what documents will likely be required as proof.

Help With Documents

A financial adviser can’t collect the documents for you however they can advice you on what documents are required before you apply.

Our financial advisers have saved thousands of clients a lot of time by letting them know exactly which documents are needed for the lender who are applying with.

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