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Mortgage Advice LondonLondon is the capital of the UK but it’s also one of the largest financial hubs in the world, with house prices higher than anywhere else mortgage advice is vital.

Mortgage advice in London has continued to an important service despite the financial collapse as the financial district continues to see prices increase.


London is home to 8 million people with 3.27 million households in the city, at the last census count in 2011 which was up 8.3% from 2001.

As the financial centre of Europe, the City of London is able to attract wealthy investors from around the world, create a bubble from the rest of the UK.

Mortgage Advice For London

The current housing market in London continues to outstrip the rest of the UK with prices, sales and general health far better than the UK average.

The average property price in the UK reached £250k according to the Office of National Statistics, while the average house price in London hit £409,000 in February.

Getting mortgage advice in London is essential before buying a property and there are a lot of mortgage advisers available in the UK capital.

Speak to one of our our mortgage advisers today or alternatively check the latest mortgage rates, including fixed-rate mortgage deals.

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