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As a financial advice centre the information we may gather can vary from simply an IP address when you enter our website to credit history or employment status.

What’s important is how we use the information we do gather and make you aware at every possible stage of our intention with your personal data.

What Data We Collect

As stated previously this list could go on forever because we can advise on so many financial products which need different personal information.

The basic data we collect is,

  • IP Address – When you use our website our services such as Google analytics will record the incoming IP address
  • Cookies – A small text file is placed on your computer each time you visit a new website, helping website owners tailor their services to you. The type of cookies used on Our Mortgage tells us information such as how the user has found us, which pages they use, etc.
  • Contact Name and Details – If you do wish to contact us for advice or just a simple question we will ask for some personal contact details.
  • Financial Information – If you want financial advice we would require personal information such as previous financial history, employment status, income, etc.

What We Do With Your Data

It’s important you know exactly what every company taking your personal information plans to use it for and how it may impact you in the future.¬†Even it’s just something annoying such as signing you up to their monthly newsletter, you have the right to refuse.

At Our Mortgage your IP address and cookie information will only ever be used to tell us more about our website such as which pages you visited, how you found us, etc.

Any contact detail you give will only be used to give the advice required and will not automatically sign you up to any other service or feature.

Financial information may be used to help take the advise onto the next stage however that is only done once we have been given further permission from you. The details will not be shared with any third party without receiving the permission necessary and usually we will discuss this over the phone first.

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